Phone CallsEmail is the most common form of communication in the business world.  On average, 40 emails are sent per day, per business email user, and 80 are received.  Are they as effective as we’d like them to be? Is that time spent in waiting for a reply worth it, or would your time be better spent calling?  Did you know that phone calls can be ten times more effective at closing deals than emails?  Below are three reasons why you might be more effective in your business communication if you pick up the phone and talk to someone than if you send an email.  

Phone calls are more personal

Phone calls help you maintain and create relationships with a personal touch.  It seems that we as a society would do anything to avoid one on one interactions, as is apparent from our relationship with texting, emails, and social media.  It has become more and more difficult to connect in a personal way, and we prefer to hide behind our technology.  However, if you reach out and call someone on the phone, the sound of a human voice opens people up for more honest and accurate communication.

They demand immediate response

How many times have you opened an email, decided that you didn’t have time to respond and left it for days, or even weeks? This problem can be fixed by a quick phone call.  When you call someone on the phone, not only do you demand that they answer the phone quickly (as the rings are annoying), you also get a quick response to your questions.  This helps significantly when you are dealing with time-sensitive material, but also with other types of material.  You will be able to express yourself in less time with a phone call than you can with an email.

Most people delete emails thinking they are spam

Because email is an easy way to reach a large number of people in a short period of time, many companies use it to send out daily or weekly newsletters to their customers.  However, most email campaigns have a 10-30% open rate, depending on the industry.  That means that 70-90% of emails are deleted.  Often, people accidentally delete relevant emails because they thought they were spam.  With an email, there is no guarantee that the party ever saw or read your inquiry in order to reply.  A phone call cuts out that guesswork and ensures that you receive a response.