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Web Conferencing

Share more, do more with this web conferencing app designed for simple organization and convenient features.

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Move over Skype

YipTel Accession Meeting is the most reliable and feature rich platform on the market today. Everything you need to set up a meeting and communicate can be found in this single app. Share information straight from your desktop or phone for a meeting or group video chat.

YipTel Accession Meeting

YipTel Accession Web meetings can be used as a stand alone application to create, schedule or join an existing meeting or it can be integrated in to your YipTel Desktop and YipTel Mobile applications to create the most powerful collaboration solution available on the market today.


The YipTel Desktop with Accession Meeting provides all of the powerful features of YipTel Desktop with the added benefits of immediate access to Web Meetings, Screen Sharing and Audio and Video Conferencing at the touch of a button.

Outlook Integration

Schedule new meetings directly from YipTel Desktop, click uplift from an existing phone call or chat conversation.

Schedule a new meeting and directly integrate it with your Outlook calendar, or schedule new meetings directly from Outlook.

Key Features

Accession Meeting Benefits-
• Screen Sharing- Each person in the meeting has the ability to screen share
• Individual Application Sharing
• Desktop Sharing
• Mobile Sharing
• Audio Bridge
• Video Bridge
• Webinar
• Record Your Meetings
• Desktop Remote Control
• Toll-Free Access Available

YipTel Accession Meeting is a complete collaboration tool that you can join from anywhere at anytime.

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For over 40 years, YipTel has been the enterprise communication partner that provides reliable connections, customized through a selection of easy-to-use tools.

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