Fully Encrypted, Non-Proprietary Video Conferencing

Words or an email only delivers about 7% of intended communication. If you use the phone you add another 38 % but body language adds 55% and that is why video services are so critical in internal and external communications. YipTel is a proven leader in the market when it comes specifically to delivery of video technologies. We guarantee an increase of productivity while still reducing costs and improving communications.

The truth is, video solutions are quickly becoming a commodity for businesses to operate with for numerous beneficial reasons. Our core focus emphasizes consolidating and streamlining a business’ utilization of video, voice, and internet with one simple monthly rate. As video can often times be an expensive investment, we conveniently offer the service without the high costs of equipment ownership, maintenance, and management.

Social Media Integration

YipTel is the first carrier to deliver a presence-aware global directory that integrates Facebook, Skype, and Google Talk contacts. This enables you to IM your contacts to join a secure impromptu meeting.

Cloud-AXISStandards Based

YipTel is also unique in its ability to connect to existing video systems including Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg, LifeSize, and other H323 and SIP standard devices. With Cloud AXIS® you can invite mobile/tablet users, laptop users, and desktop users making it easy to extend video collaborative experiences anytime, anywhere.

Safe & Secure

YipTel provides the highest levels of encryption, allowing you to communicate in a safe and secured environment. YipTel is HIPPA compliant and offers the perfect solution for medical offices looking to provide billable personal interactions with their clients.
Scheduled or On-Demand

YipTel delivers static Virtual Meeting Rooms that include unlimited access with the option to upgrade to Cloud Axis. Polycom RealPresence® Cloud AXIS® Suite lets you easily arrange future meetings by automatically sending emails and calendar invitations, including a web link for simple click-to-connect convenience. Comprehensive host control features include high resolution content sharing that can also be initiated by anyone in the meeting; along with group chat.