An old woman hunched over a cell phoneThere are some situations that you should never send a text message, however more and more people seem to be using their mobile devices for things that require a personal touch.  Some people rely entirely on texting to create, maintain, and end relationships.  Many people have developed phone anxiety and as a result, avoid talking on the phone.  The more you talk on the phone, the easier it will become.  Start with calling people you already have a relationship with if you do have phone anxiety.  If you must use texting, make sure that it is in addition to phone calls and personal conversations.  

Meaning could be misconstrued

If you have to deliver important news, whether good or bad, do it over a phone conversation.  The person on the phone will understand what you are trying to say easier and will appreciate the personal touch.  If you are arguing, do not text.  Your meaning can easily be misinterpreted, escalating the problem.  You can communicate a lot in a short amount of time by calling on the phone rather than texting.  Instead of fuming between every text message, give them a call and communicate.  

Speaking to the elderly

Many of the elderly do not understand how to use phones for other functions besides making calls.  The results of texting your grandmother will be disastrous.  Autocorrect is a frustrating feature that the elderly did not grow up with, and the small buttons can be difficult for their aging hands.  They will appreciate the phone call more than you know.  

Speaking to kids

Texting the younger generation sets up the precedence that texting is an acceptable form of communication.  Many children have lost essential communication skills as their attention is focused on a 4” screen.  Help them develop those skills by teaching them phone etiquette, and sometimes how to even talk on the phone.

Setting up (or breaking) special engagements

It is perfectly fine send a quick text to your long time friend to meet you for dinner in a few nights.  However, you should never ask someone out on a date over a text.  You do not want to start an intimate relationship in such an informal manner.  You will set a precedence for the entire relationship.  Also, you should never text someone to break up with them, this is something that requires a personal interaction.  If you cannot meet them in person, call them on the phone.  If you have to cancel last minute plans, call them to let them know.  If you want to arrange last minute plans, you will get a quicker response by a phone call than you will through a text.