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YipTel Edge

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YipTel Edge — SD Wan

YipTel Edge SD WAN Technology is the greatest technology development since the invention of VoIP itself. YipTel Edge allows you to use cost effective Internet connections with the same quality experience of higher cost connections while enjoying the highest level of redundancy and reliability.

Benefits Include-

  • Continuous link and path monitoring
  • Application prioritization
  • Application aware firewall
  • End-to-end encryption
  • And more

Performance Monitoring and App Steering

YipTel Edge will monitor phone calls on a packet-by-packet basis and correct voice issues over each Internet connection. YipTel Edge continuously computes quality scores to assess voice performance and provides administrators a comprehensive before-and-after view into behavior on individual links.

App aware per packet steering allows your app’s simultaneously use your redundant data connections. Apps use the aggregated bandwidth as a single flow and don’t fail when an individual connection fails. Problem solved!

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For over 40 years, YipTel has been the enterprise communication partner that provides reliable connections, customized through a selection of easy-to-use tools.

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