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See what YipTel REACH has done for others.

“How do you spell success? YipTel Reach. Talk about a revolutionary business tool that connects you to your clients like never before. Our clients love the way we communicate with them and we get immediate responses. It’s awesome!”
— Stacie W, The Performers Playhouse

REACH is perfect for ANY business application.

YipTel REACH is simple and easy to use. In today's competitive marketplace, show your customers your business is on the cutting edge of technology and communications by engaging your clients where they live - on their cell phone. With enhanced features such as inbound text routing and outbound text automation, you can easily put your business at the forefront to the conversation of the future.



YipTel REACH allows you to communicate and support your clients instantly using the most effective communications tool in the market, their smart phone. The fastest and most effective way to communicate with your clients is through text messaging. Texting is the most widely used app on a smart phone. YipTel REACH connects you with your clients immediately via SMS and MMS messages. You can push out new sales and marketing promotions, communicate critical information, and provide updates to keep your clients informed. This delivers an unparalleled customer service experience because it is immediate and responsive. This is the future of business communications.


SMALL BUSINESSES can use YipTel REACH to easily and immediately communicate with their clients from their business number. Create sales and marketing promotions, provide updates, deliver appointment reminders, and automate reoccurring or scheduled text notifications. LARGE BUSINESSES with higher text volumes can use YipTel REACH not only automate your outreach but will use our ITR (Interactive Text Response) to create automated text greetings that direct your clients to the proper departments. ENTERPRISE BUSINESSES will want to integrate with YipTel REACH API’s to connect your CRM software applications and fully integrate with your business processes. This will allow you to push notifications to YipTel to be sent to your clients.


  • Dramatically improves customer satisfaction within your organization.
  • Engage your customers where they live – on their cell phones.
  • Increase sales through automated texts with your clients.
  • Maintain the context of customer conversations through historical interaction views.
  • Save time with pre-set responses and images for your texts.
  • Take control of where text conversations go by utilizing the ITR (Interactive Text Response) feature to route

Let us find what works for you.

For over 40 years, YipTel has been the enterprise communication partner that provides reliable connections, customized through a selection of easy-to-use tools.

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