Hosted Phone Systems

In the old days a business would spend thousands of dollars to purchase a phone system and thousands more to maintain it only to see it become obsolete just a few years later. Thankfully technology has evolved and today’s businesses now enjoy the lower costs, flexibility and simplicity of VoIP Phone systems delivered from the Cloud.

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Premise PBX

Premise and Managed PBX

Our Zultys box delivers the latest standards based technologies to drive your business. We find that offering such premise options to businesses allows individuals who are looking for ‘ownership’ of hardware, a feasible solution.

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video conferencing feature

Video Solutions

In communication, body language adds an additional 55% of intended communication which is why it is vital to have to understand the intended message. YipTel offers video solutions through several means; such as on your desktop, on a mobile device, video voice mail, and video conferencing.

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Call Center Solutions

YipTel provides Cloud Based Call Center solutions that allow you to focus on your business while we deliver powerful features that will dramatically improve your client interactions and the bottom line. YipTel provides several Call Center options to choose from; Standard or Advanced depending on your company’s needs and services.  Delivering from the cloud allows us to provide advanced call center solutions to agents cost effectively as there is no equipment to buy, manage, or maintain.

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internet access

Internet Access

Today’s business environment requires fast and reliable business Internet access. YipTel delivers Internet Speeds from 1.5 Meg to 100 Gigabit across our national network of integrated access partners. We can help you to figure out what type of internet access you have available in your area if you are unsure. We also offer business class wireless internet to ensure uninterrupted service and as a backup plan to our clients.

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Data Services

YipTel will help to increase the productivity of your employees as well as increase the security and privacy of your conversations. We do this through a private cloud system as well as a VPN ensuring there will be no outside viewers of data you send over the internet.

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VoIP Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing

YipTel delivers powerful features at the lowest possible prices. You can choose the features that you need for your extensions based upon the available extensions we offer. You can mix and match the type of extensions you need based upon the features you want to provide to each extension.

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