PIHlogo-202x122Established in 2005 by Mark Englestad, MD, Partners in Health is a leading provider of health care for families in the Denver Metro Area. Through their superior care, Partners in Health quickly grew to eight providers with the ability to service over 800 patients weekly. The staff at Partners in Health prides themselves on the warm, friendly and comfortable environment they’ve created. Attributed to their growth is their philosophy of not only caring for the individual, but also offering the consistency and continuity of care that few can deliver.

The Problem

Partners in Health’s primary goal was to achieve rapid interdepartmental communication. Their biggest struggle was bridging the communication between inbound calls and the subsequent relay of messages to providers and other back-end staff. Additionally when inbound calls were answered and put on hold, callers would have no hold music or indication of their expected wait time. This caused frustration for the patients. In an attempt to improve their communication problems, walkie-talkies were used to announce the order of calls on hold. Staff would have to remember the order and listen to the walkie-talkie while on the phone with patients. The noisier environment resulted decreased patient comfort levels.
Partners in Health management also had no visibility as to how calls were being handled once they came in. Specific details, such as daily calls answered, average hold times, and calls abandoned were unavailable to report on and monitor. As Partners in Health had no ability to identify what was actually happening, they were unable to make proper staffing decisions to improve overall patient care.

The Solution

Experts at YipTel came onsite to assess Partners in Health current methods of communication and to identify what areas they would like to improve. Their teams quickly realized Partners in Health was looking for a solution that would help the entire office work together as a single integrated team thereby enhancing the patient experience.

YipTel implemented several solutions to improve how Partners in Health communicated both internally and externally with patients. The YipTel desktop application (MXIE) was the most prominent feature implemented. MXIE promotes staff collaboration by unifying the methods of staff communication into one, fully HIPAA compliant environment. The instant messaging built into the MXIE application drastically lowered the noise levels throughout the practice as it eliminated the need for walkie-talkies. The feel when contacting the office was also improved greatly. Callers now have the option to be placed into a queue, leave a voicemail, connect to billing, or go directly to the appropriate personnel if they are a provider.

YipTel’s solution also provided in-depth call reports on volume, wait times, as well as detail on the individual agent performance. This information enhances management’s ability to make staffing decisions based on statistics and not gut feelings. Staff productivity is now monitored and helps effectively gage the staffing needs of the practice.

The Benefit

“YipTel has succeeded in dramatically improving internal communication with the staff as well as enhancing our patient experience while holding or in the call queue. As a result of our improved communication we are able to provide better care, we have a higher retention for keeping existing patients and are providing an overall better environment for our patients. We can’t imagine ourselves without the YipTel system. We are now armed with a weapon of mass communication.”

– Janet Stephenson, Practice Manager