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YipTel + BroadvoiceFebruary 13, 2019

Dear Valued Customer:

In August of 2018, Broadvoice, an award-winning provider of hosted voice, unified communications (UC) and SIP services for businesses, announced its acquisition of YipTel.

This acquisition represents the combination of two entrepreneurial companies with strong corporate cultures deeply rooted in the customer experience. To date, our focus has been to provide you with the support and services you have come to expect, while we build a foundation for the future.

Now, our aim is to create a single face for our customers. To that end, you will notice that the logos on your invoice will change as will the email addresses of the legacy YipTel team as we combine under Broadvoice. As we move forward, we look forward to bringing you additional services that will enhance your communications.

We are committed to delivering exceptional products, services, and solutions to you with quality customer service.

We anticipate you may have additional questions. Please see the attached FAQs, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your support team at 800-752-6110 if you have additional questions.



robert brown signature                                                                                         Jim Murphy Signature

Robert Brown                                                                                                                            Jim Murphy
President and CEO                                                                                                                   CEO
YipTel                                                                                                                                          Broadvoice






Broadvoice is pleased to announce that we have completed our acquisition of YipTel and we are now operating as one.

As we work to deliver the value of the combined companies, we are equally focused on protecting the investments of our customers while focusing on our product roadmap. We plan to help customers evolve at their own pace, to the next generation of hosted telephony, unified communications and contact center solutions.


Is this an acquisition or a merger?
This is an acquisition.

Is the acquisition final?

How will the core businesses of Broadvoice and YipTel fit together?

  • This combination is a natural combination of two companies that have strategies that are aligned and similar visions of where the industry is going.
  • Combined, Broadvoice and YipTel are stronger together, well positioned to take customers to the cloud, with the size and scale to drive growth.
  • Moving forward, we will take the best of both companies – technology, products, processes and capabilities – to accelerate our ability to exceed our customer’s needs.

Does this mean that Yiptel is abandoning its on-premises business?
Not at all. We remain committed to serving our enterprise on-premises customers and meeting their needs. We are committed to providing continued support and an attractive path forward to the cloud.

Will the company name or headquarters change?
The combined company will operate as Broadvoice and will be headquartered in California, though the YipTel offices in Utah and Denver will remain intact.

What will happen to the YipTel name?
The company is known as Broadvoice, and over time all instances of the YipTel name will be replaced by Broadvoice, with the exception of the product names listed on your account. Immediately, you will note that we are co-branding your invoice, and changes are being made to the IVR systems. Additionally, employees are now using the Broadvoice name in email and voicemails. Remaining changes will take place over time.

Can I continue to connect to YipTel through its social channels?
No. We encourage you to connect with us under the Broadvoice name on the following platforms:

What is the combined product roadmap?
Broadvoice plans to continue to support YipTel and Broadvoice products. In parallel, our development team is working on the next generation in integrations, open APIs, unified communication solutions and omnichannel contact center services. As new offerings become available, we will let you know.

Should I continue with my YipTel implementation project?
Yes. Current customers should continue with their implementation. Broadvoice is protecting the investments of customers implementing different product lines.

Will the same people who support YipTel products today continue to deliver support?
Yes. Broadvoice is dedicating significant resources to ensure that customers experience minimal disruption. With Broadvoice, customers will have the system and support continuity their business requires. Customers have continued access to the support people, and communication services they have relied on with YipTel. To that end, we have retained 100% of YipTel’s organization.

Will access to support change?
No. Customers should continue to use the same support channels they have been using. We may answer the line and respond to your emails as Broadvoice, but otherwise, nothing has changed.

Will existing YipTel customer contracts be honored?
Yes, Broadvoice will honor the terms and conditions of existing YipTel contracts.

Are YipTel’s solutions still available for purchase?
Yes. Customers can continue to rely on existing YipTel services as they look to make changes or add additional services.