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Internet and Data Services

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Internet options.

  • T-1

    Though slow and expensive by today’s standards, T-1 is a reliable alternative when other solutions are not available.

    • Delivers 1.544 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth
    • Not subject to distance restrictions
    • Bondable for higher bandwidth applications
  • Ethernet Over Copper (EOC)

    EOC is a newer technology that delivers high-speed voice and internet data service over existing copper wires.

    • Can deliver speeds from 1.5 Mbps up to 1 Gbps
    • Contact us to see if EOC is available in your area
  • Fiber Optic

    Offers the highest speeds and availability out there.

    • Speeds from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps+
    • Call us to see if Fiber is available in your location or if building fiber to your business is a possibility
  • Business-class Wireless Internet

    Business-class wireless internet is available in many areas and comes with guaranteed service (SLAs) and uptime.

    • Phenomenal speeds from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps
    • Great option when there’s no access to high-speed wired connections
  • Wireless Backup

    A wireless backup internet connection creates redundancy and business continuity.

    • A completely separate network
    • Low monthly-rate service that’s scalable up to 1 Gbps
  • Cellular Backup

    A great disaster recovery solution for mission-critical businesses.

    • Delivers redundant internet connections
    • Eliminates the risk of faulty or damaged wires
  • Multi-location and Private Cloud

    Businesses with multiple locations need to communicate reliably and cost effectively between these locations.

    • Variety of options
    • Unparalleled flexibility and value
  • VPN

    A VPN encrypts communications over the internet to maintain security.

    • Fully manage the VPN equipment
    • Connect VPN locations to Private Cloud solutions
  • Private Line

    A private line can be set up as a point to point connection.

    • Dedicated connection between offices
    • Doesn’t require the internet
    • Provided in multiple formats
  • Private Cloud/MPLS

    Private Cloud is often referred to as MPLS—the next evolution for multi-site network connectivity.

    • Connect privately to multiple locations
    • Communicate directly to each other
    • Route traffic to any other location
    • Creates multiple layers of redundancy

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For over 40 years, YipTel has been the enterprise communication partner that provides reliable connections, customized through a selection of easy-to-use tools.

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