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Over 40 years of connection.

About us

Our roots trace back to 1970 when we created one of the first interconnect companies in the country. Today we provide end-to-end solutions for our business clients’ voice, video and data communications over standards based technologies (SIP). To accomplish this, YipTel became a carrier (CLEC) to deliver internet and data via fiber, EOC, MPLS and other methods to our clients nationwide. YipTel is a single provider for all your voice, video and data needs.

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Why choose YipTel for your large business?

YipTel Enterprise  is a Carrier Class Cloud PBX solution that delivers the highest availability, features and benefits for mid-size to large corporate organizations.

Organizations choose YipTel because of our ability to deliver a cost effective and reliable solution. Our products and services are simple and easy to use, deliver the latest technologies, and do not require the time or expertise of internal staff.

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Simple and Reliable Communications

With YipTel’s cutting-edge technology, you can expect to:

  • Lower your Telecom spending
  • Reduce the need for telecom-focused staff
  • Gain redundancy and disaster recovery
  • Improve internal and client interactions
  • Future proof your communications technologies
  • Enjoy the radical simplicity and savings of YipTel Cloud solutions

Risk Free Guarantee

What better way to know if our service is right for you than to try it out? YipTel offers a 30-day risk free guarantee that allows you to experience the features and benefits of YipTel technology firsthand without being trapped in a contract. In addition, you will have access to web presentations and other resources to help you with any questions or needs you may have.

Flexible Solutions

Traditional carriers are struggling to upgrade their legacy networks and to get their sales and support staff up to speed on VoIP PBX. Virtually all of the competitive providers on the market today provide a single product or solution and hope that your individual need fits in their box.

Our experience has taught us that no one solution can meet all the various needs of our clients. YipTel is unique in that we deliver multiple on-premise and cloud-based solutions designed to meet the individual needs of our clients.

What people are saying

"YipTel has provided a true solution that has dramatically reduced costs, integrated our platforms and unified the communications across our organization. They have been a trusted partner for over 15 years."

—Randy - Director of Telecommunications

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