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Colorado VOIP Services

YipTel Hosted Colorado VoIP Solutions Deliver Sophisticated VoIP Technology

Are you looking for an affordable, effective business phone system in Colorado? YipTel stands as a leader of VoIP providerswith experience stretching over the past 40 years. We understand that an effective Business Phone System here in Colorado is absolutely critical towards achieving internal company efficiency as well as effective communication with your customers and clients. The first impression you invariably leave with those same customers is typically over the phone.
Ask yourself these questions about your current Colorado business phone system provider:

1- Does my business phone system provide a professional image to my customers?
2- Does my business phone system increase sales by providing features that connect our business to our customers?
3- Does my business phone system provide us with technologies to drive our business?

YipTel Hosted VoIP solutions deliver sophisticated VoIP technology for less than traditional phone systems which can be configured for live answering or an easy-to-use automated attendant to deliver incoming calls quickly to the customer’s destination of choice. Additionally, YipTel Hosted VOIP solutions for Colorado business phone system applications include Direct Inward Dialing or DIDs so that each phone has a direct phone number for immediate access from your customers. We’ve seen our Hosted VoIP solutions provide Colorado business phone systems that exponentially increase sales by providing better access to your staff as well as introducing tracking features for business marketing dollars. With features like simultaneous ring, direct lines, find me follow me and fax to the desktop, the YipTel business phone system can connect you to your customers and provide an environment for better communication and increased sales opportunities.

With YipTel Hosted VoIP phone systems, we assure that you’ll always have the latest features, tech, and applications to effectively connect your team members internally and externally to your customers. We provide a platform that is constantly being upgraded and enhanced to make sure your enterprise doesn’t fall behind.

In 2014, Business Insider ranked Colorado the most economically competitive state. In similar fashion, Forbes has voted Denver one of the best cities in the nation for businesses & careers. If you are looking for an affordable Hosted Colorado VoIP phone system, YipTel’s communication solutions are the perfect choice for you and your team. Contact us now at 800-752-6110.

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For over 40 years, YipTel has been the enterprise communication partner that provides reliable connections, customized through a selection of easy-to-use tools.

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