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We’ve got product. You’ve got connections. Let’s work together.

Agents, simply add VoIP.

If you are a Telecom Agent then YipTel works with numerous Master Agents that you likely already have a relationship with. We provide extensive sales support so please reach out to us for assistance. YipTel works with many MSPs and other B2B organizations that are looking to provide VoIP as part of their services. For these organizations we create direct agreements and customize our programs to meet your exact needs.


The great thing about our agent program is unquestionably the unparalleled compensation opportunities. Agents of YipTel will receive monthly commissions based on their closed business; their compensation will continue throughout the duration of their customer’s contract. You will enjoy the consistency of updates and support from our team members and channel managers. Because your success is our success, all our representatives are invested in preserving and developing your various accounts.

Be Our Partner

There are no upfront investments or costs. There are no requirements for our agents to purchase equipment or training. We’re offering to your business, a flexible relationship that serves as a platform for corporate success in a new or current industry. All of this is offered without the hassle of quotas or expenditure.

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