Over 40 Years of Operation

YipTel traces it’s roots back to 1970 when our company founder began the organization as a PBX interconnect at the divestiture of bell companies. We originally focused on premised based equipment and subsequently installed thousands of local phone systems and communication technologies for various clients and customers. It provided our growing business with a deep, rich understanding about clients’ needs as well as how to provide a simple and easy transition to new fields of technology. We understand from these many experiences, how critical communication technologies are to clients and customers of any specialty.

VoIP Systems

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Over the years, telecommunication technologies rapidly evolved. VoIP began to emerge as a telephony option during the late 90’s and companies everywhere quickly saw the merit in delivering end-to-end services to customers for all of their voice, data, and internet needs. YipTel rapidly recognized that the major downfall of other VoIP providers was poor IP call quality. This was a direct result of delivery methods based solely over the open internet and, by sending calls over the open net, these providers could not guarantee their call quality.

As a CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) we harnessed the ability to deliver home-grown circuits. It additionally gives us the ability to provide Quality-of-Service (QoS) and Prioritization across our networks which in turn, guarantee the quality of calls to clients and their customers – regardless of location. This key advantage means that as a customer of our services, you can rest assure that you’ll inevitably receive such qualities that many other VoIP providers unfortunately don’t provide.

Our Vision

“Our extensive history of delivering communication technologies has taught us to constantly be evaluating new technology avenues – how those same systems can deliver innovative solutions to a client in any field of specialty. We help our customers by providing the very latest technologies that reduce costs while increasing productivity. Our combined ability to deliver the entire circuit infrastructure for internet and VoIP calling in addition to all the necessary VoIP hardware and services, allows us to provide a reliable and qualified communication option. Our Customers only have 1 call to make and 1 single point of responsibility. This allows them to focus on their business while we keep the business communications flowing.”

Why YipTel?


YipTel comes from a history of delivering business communications solutions dating back to 1970. Our Team has literally installed thousands of successful business phone and communications solutions for our clients.

This extensive history has given us a deep understanding of the needs and applications that businesses require. We use this knowledge to deliver unique communications solutions that dramatically increase productivity and communications internally as well as with your clients. This allows us to deliver a solution on Time and on Budget.


As a Carrier, YipTel delivers a redundant Cloud based solution that provides 5 9’s reliability and delivery to our clients. We use only the highest quality equipment and monitor and manage the solution so you don’t have to. We deliver simple and reliable technologies that will dramatically improve your business.


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The YipTel Carrier Class platform delivers the most advanced features and benefits available. We lead the industry with the latest technologies for the desktop, mobility, call center, and video solutions. Our desktop Client application delivers presence, video calling, instant messaging, video voice mail, call center applications and much more. We lead in mobility with integrated applications for your smartphones, tablets and laptops. Our call center applications range from basic to the most advanced Multi Media Queuing and Blended call center functionality. YipTel Video Conferencing ties it all together to deliver complete collaboration and productivity.


YipTel provides value by delivering the most cost effective and efficient solutions to our Clients and then manages them from end to end to deliver simple and reliable communications. Certainly we won’t be beat on price, but our greatest value comes from our extensive experience that allows us to design the right solutions for your organization. The technologies that we deploy often deliver solutions that you may not have known even existed. We build long term trusted relationships with our clients. Business Communications is all we do and we simply do it better.